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Diving in Hawaii

Useful Tips for Beginner Big Island Divers

Useful Tips for Beginner Big Island Divers

What can you do for fun in Hawaii? On one hand, you could go for an adult swim and have the time of your life. Alternatively, you could try whale watching and experience something really unique! But have you ever though about joining other Big Island divers and share the fun? 

Experienced Big Island divers already know what to expect when strapping on their gear. But as a beginner scuba diver, you might need some help before swimming underwater. 

Diving in Hawaii is different from a snorkeling experience. 

Admiring the beauty of underwater life with the help of a snorkel implies limited effort and can only be done close to the surface. Diving, on the other hand, requires  a bigger effort from your part. Don't worry though, it's completely worth it! 

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1. Big Island divers should be great swimmers

Going on a scuba dive in Hawaii implies a lot of swimming underwater. It's important to feel comfortable with the environment, which is why being a great swimmer is a must.

With good equipment and a large enough tank, you should be able to spend some serious time admiring the deep under-waters. And there's no other way to get around than by swimming like a fish.

2. Relax when trying to breathe underwater

Breathing underwater can be difficult at first. As a beginner Big Island diver, with little experience, scuba diving can be overwhelming. 

However, breathing through a regulator isn't all that difficult. All you need to do is practice and remember to relax when you experience a real dive, for the first few times. 

3. Always check your gear before diving in Hawaii

Big Island divers checking their gears always makes sense. If you're about to spend some time underwater, you must make sure the conditions are safe.

Check your tank and make sure it's full. Check your gear as well and then help your diving buddy do the same. And remember to repeat the process every single time you plan to go for a dive.

4. Big Island divers should share the experience

Speaking of Big Island diving buddies, it's always recommended you don't dive alone. Sharing the experience with someone else is not only more fun, but also recommended.

Solo scuba diving is possible, but it might not be right for you, if you're a beginner diver. Having someone else by your side is the safe way to go. 

5. Drinking water before scuba diving helps

Experienced Big Island divers know to hydrate well before going for a dive. 

Although it sounds strange, since you're literally immersed in water, hydration is important nonetheless. 

6. Hawaii divers: don't hold your breath

People aren't used to breathing underwater. We breathe through the nose on a normal basis, and when we take a dive or snorkel, we're used to always hold our breaths.

But scuba diving implies breathing normally. Although you're not using your nose, never hold your breath when you use a regulator. Breathe slowly and relax and enjoy your underwater fun. 

7. Choose the right gear and remember to clean it

Before becoming a Big Island diver, learn how to choose the right gear that fits. And remember to clean it after each use. By prolonging its life, you get to enjoy it more often.

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