A Great Morning Got Even Better

A Great Morning Got Even Better

On a crisp January morning we chose the South side of Kaiwi Pt to elude the rising North swell and provide a secluded environment minutes away from Kona town. 60’ visibility greeted our clothing-optional crew when a gorgeous Whale Shark decided to join the party - probably 20’ in length - this docile inquisitive plankton eater showed it’s Aloha by greeting each boat with a gentle swim by - turning slow circles to enjoy the snorkelers in the water. Wowzers, Epic, Bucket-list, & Awesome were some of the words our gang used to describe their encounter…………………….

With an open heart and a willing spirit many great things can occur………..


Swim Free Hawaii is 3

Swim Free Hawaii is 3

Starting our third year we are Hawaii’s only clothing-optional charter boat YaY! Our growth is a reflection of the support from the naturist community (both locals & visitors) - many mahalos for that YaY again!

Nude Fun in Kona

Nude Fun in Kona

Here at SwimFree we offer many unique social situations which lead to good friends sharing excellent adventures in Kona where clothing-optional remains your choice of when & how much.

E Komo Mai


Spectacular Day


Spectacular Day

Tied at our favorite buoy, we had the ocean all to ourselves today. The clouds were white puffy exploding over Hualalai mountain top. The clarity since the volcano stopped erupting makes for spectacular views now. The water was so calm and had good clarity. A sailboat race was happening a bit south entertaining us as they sailed by. Between floaty noodles, snorkels and an inflatable dolphin, our group was happily enjoying the day in the sun and ocean. On the shared lunch menu was homemade marlin ceviche, chips, and guacamole. The best part was when a female green sea turtle (honu) made its appearance close by, and the young dolphins (naia) at the harbor entrance. True to our mission statement, folks were in all forms of clothing options and supported by one another respectfully.


Ironman Triathletes are gone

Aloha - Now that the Ironman is a thing of the past we can get back to our tropical laid-back lifestyle in Kona - for us that means the opportunity more clothing-optional snorkeling trips! Sunday, after the race, we hosted a small group & spent the morning swimming with the Spinner Dolphins! After securing to a sub-surface mooring buoy (mahalos Jack’s Diving Locker) we were treated to a 3 hour encounter with these magical mammals as they chose to swim with us.

Aloha, Chuck

Fun Activities You Can Do At The Best Beaches In Hawaii

Fun Activities You Can Do At The Best Beaches In Hawaii

Looking for the best beaches in Hawaii to have some fun? 

Whether you're here on a well deserved vacation, or are simply looking for something fun and adventurous to do, the finest beaches in Hawaii make for the perfect spots to spend some time with your family and friends.

But what else can you do, besides lying in the sun to get a nice tan? 

If you're looking for fun ideas for the beach, take a look at these few suggestions. Next time you plan a trip under the sun, make sure to choose the beast beaches in Hawaii and prepare to have the best time of your life!

Finest Beaches In Hawaii.png

1. Sunbathe nude on the best beaches in Hawaii

Who said lying in the sun is boring? When you find the perfect spot on the beach beaches in Kona, you can make sure you get an all-over tan!

If you're a firm believer that clothing should be optional, you're in for the surprise of you life! We also believe that nothing's more freeing than exploring and sunbathing in the open ocean, naked.

Who needs clothes when you have nothing to hide? 

If you take the necessary precautions, adult swimming and sunbathing in the nude can be a lot of fun. Wear enough sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat for protection. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated at all times and get ready to enjoy your day at one of the best beaches Hawaii can offer.

2. Go on a snorkel adventure with your friends

Doesn't snorkeling sound like fun? If you're looking to do more than just go for an adult swim in Hawaii, take up snorkeling and explore the deep under-waters.

Snorkeling on the Kona coast of Hawaii is a great activity for adults of all ages. You only need a mask, a snorkel and a comfortable pair of fins to get started. 

If the waters are clear on the best beaches in Hawaii and you feel like going for a safe dive, grab your snorkel! You can admire the beautiful coral reef and swim alongside colorful and interesting fish. 

Just make sure you use enough sunscreen or bring a wet suit if you plan for longer dives. Once you take the necessary safety measures, you can start your snorkeling adventure and have the time of your life near the finest beaches in Hawaii.

3. Forget the best beaches in Hawaii: go whale watching or in search for dolphins

If you're not a huge fan of the beach, you can skip them and just go whale watching or in search for dolphins.

The finest beaches in Hawaii offer great snorkeling spots for both the locals and all tourists. And it's from these wonderful, exotic places you can admire whales and dolphins go about their day.

As long as you keep a safe distance from the sea life, you can have the time of your life admiring the mammals as they swim in their natural habitat. 

PS: Don't forget to bring your camera. You're going to want to preserve these fun memories! 

 Reasons To Go Kona Snorkeling on Your Next Vacation

Reasons To Go Kona Snorkeling on Your Next Vacation

Kona snorkeling can be a lot of fun! You can snorkel for hours in Hawaii, and it still wouldn't be enough to explore the deep, blue waters. 

When you plan a trip to the beach and feel a bit adventurous, snorkeling makes for the perfect fun activity. If you love the deep under-waters, but would like to feel safe and keep your adrenaline levels to a minimum, snorkeling in Kona might be the perfect activity that fits your needs.

Swimming with a diving mask and breathing tube is the perfect way to have fun, at all ages. But if you're still looking for excuses to try this recreational activity, here are 5 reasons why Kona snorkeling is worth trying out.

Snorkeling in Kona.png

1. Kona snorkeling is cheap

Typically, snorkeling equipment includes only 3 items. To go for a safe dive and swim alongside tropical fish, you'll only need a diving mask, a snorkel tube and swim fins. 

As opposed to other recreational diving activities, the cost of snorkeling equipment is significantly low. You don't need to buy expensive diving gear or pay for costly lessons to learn how to breathe through a snorkel.

2. Snorkeling is a safe way to admire sea life in Hawaii

As already mentioned before, anyone in Hawaii can snorkel. From young children who are comfortable with water, to adults or seniors in search for fun, literally anyone can give Kona snorkeling a try.

Certain safety precautions are important, of course, but swimming underwater in search for interesting sea life or flora is overall, a safe way to enjoy a day in the sun. 

Safety measures while Kona snorkeling include: 

  • Staying away from jet skis or boats is a must; 
  • Wearing enough sunscreen or a wet-suit for longer dives is always recommended;
  • Dehydration could also cause problems;
  • And last, but not least, observe but do not touch! 

3. While snorkeling in Kona, you could admire the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

The Hawaii state fish with an unpronounceable name for non-locals, is one of the most unique sea creatures you can encounter. 

Also known as the reef triggerfish, the species can be found swimming through the coral reefs of the Pacific ocean. 

4. You can fit your snorkel equipment in a backpack

Another good reason to give Kona snorkeling a try is the fact that you can pack your whole equipment in one single backpack. 

As opposed to carrying heavy scuba diving gear, you can just toss your snorkel and mask in your beach bag. Don't forget though, if clothing is optional, you can even skip the bag and just carry your snorkel in your hand!

5. Learning how to snorkel in Kona is easy

If this is your first time snorkeling in Kona, you're in for an easy surprise. They always say that practice makes perfect, but snorkeling is easier than learning how to ride a bike. 

You'll only need a few short minutes to learn the correct way to breathe through a snorkel. And up next, the fun can begin! If you're confident enough to swim, you should be observing the corals up close in no time. 

Useful Tips for Beginner Big Island Divers

Useful Tips for Beginner Big Island Divers

What can you do for fun in Hawaii? On one hand, you could go for an adult swim and have the time of your life. Alternatively, you could try whale watching and experience something really unique! But have you ever though about joining other Big Island divers and share the fun? 

Experienced Big Island divers already know what to expect when strapping on their gear. But as a beginner scuba diver, you might need some help before swimming underwater. 

Diving in Hawaii is different from a snorkeling experience. 

Admiring the beauty of underwater life with the help of a snorkel implies limited effort and can only be done close to the surface. Diving, on the other hand, requires  a bigger effort from your part. Don't worry though, it's completely worth it! 

Hawaii Divers.png

1. Big Island divers should be great swimmers

Going on a scuba dive in Hawaii implies a lot of swimming underwater. It's important to feel comfortable with the environment, which is why being a great swimmer is a must.

With good equipment and a large enough tank, you should be able to spend some serious time admiring the deep under-waters. And there's no other way to get around than by swimming like a fish.

2. Relax when trying to breathe underwater

Breathing underwater can be difficult at first. As a beginner Big Island diver, with little experience, scuba diving can be overwhelming. 

However, breathing through a regulator isn't all that difficult. All you need to do is practice and remember to relax when you experience a real dive, for the first few times. 

3. Always check your gear before diving in Hawaii

Big Island divers checking their gears always makes sense. If you're about to spend some time underwater, you must make sure the conditions are safe.

Check your tank and make sure it's full. Check your gear as well and then help your diving buddy do the same. And remember to repeat the process every single time you plan to go for a dive.

4. Big Island divers should share the experience

Speaking of Big Island diving buddies, it's always recommended you don't dive alone. Sharing the experience with someone else is not only more fun, but also recommended.

Solo scuba diving is possible, but it might not be right for you, if you're a beginner diver. Having someone else by your side is the safe way to go. 

5. Drinking water before scuba diving helps

Experienced Big Island divers know to hydrate well before going for a dive. 

Although it sounds strange, since you're literally immersed in water, hydration is important nonetheless. 

6. Hawaii divers: don't hold your breath

People aren't used to breathing underwater. We breathe through the nose on a normal basis, and when we take a dive or snorkel, we're used to always hold our breaths.

But scuba diving implies breathing normally. Although you're not using your nose, never hold your breath when you use a regulator. Breathe slowly and relax and enjoy your underwater fun. 

7. Choose the right gear and remember to clean it

Before becoming a Big Island diver, learn how to choose the right gear that fits. And remember to clean it after each use. By prolonging its life, you get to enjoy it more often.

Practical Tips to Consider When You Go Whale Watching in Hawaii

Practical Tips to Consider When You Go Whale Watching in Hawaii

If you're planning to go whale watching in Hawaii for the first time, you're in for an amazing experience!

Observing the largest mammals on Earth can be extremely exciting. And if you share the experience with people you deeply care about, whale watching in Hawaii will make for a great shared memory!

But you can't go whale watching without being prepared. Observing these mammals in their natural habitat can be dangerous if you don't follow certain guidelines.

To make the most out of your trip, consider these practical tips next time you go whale watching in Hawaii.

Hawaii Whale Watching.png

1. Go whale watching in Hawaii with a reputable company

Whale watching is fun, exciting and a unique adventure. But in order for you to have the best experience, it's always best to book your whale watching tour with a reputable boat charter company

By doing enough research, you can make sure your trip will be a success. Look for companies with licensed and experienced captains and book your tour with someone who can keep you safe.

2. Keep your distance from the giant mammals

There are specific federal regulations that forbid you from getting too close to marine wildlife. Respecting these laws is always a good idea!

It's definitely worth going whale watching in Hawaii. But remember, you're a guest in the wild mammals' natural habitat. Getting too close is not only forbidden by law. It can quickly turn into a dangerous experience, should the whales feel threatened by your curious presence. 

3. Avoid touching or feeding the whales

Although petting the whales or swimming alongside the mammals is tempting, it's best to keep your distance and admire them from afar. 

You can approach the whales and feel alive as you watch them swim. You can even admire the mammals as they wave their tail in an attempt to say hello. But remember, whales are wild animals nonetheless. They can be unpredictable and anything that might disturb their day, will disturb you whale watching experience in return.

Avoid touching and feeding the mammals and render your day unique by admiring them from a safe distance.

4. Each time you go whale watching in Hawaii is different

A practical tip you should keep in mind is being aware each whale watching experience in Hawaii is different.

The sea mammals aren't trained to respect a certain schedule. They are wild animals and can choose to swim wherever they want. 

On some days, while whale watching in Hawaii, you might get to admire the whales in all their glory! Other days though, the whales might have other plans.

5. Remember to enjoy and document the experience

Last but definitely not least, the most important practical tip of all is to remember to enjoy and document your whale watching experience in Hawaii!

Bring your camera and pack enough batteries. Although there's a chance the whales will decide not to show up, you'll want to remember this trip nonetheless. 

Besides, you never know if whale watching in Hawaii turns out to be even more interesting than the brochures say it is.

Top Reasons Why Adult Swim in Hawaii is Fun

Top Reasons Why Adult Swim in Hawaii is Fun

Have you ever been tempted to go for an adult swim in Hawaii?

In addition to being an extremely healthy sports activity, naked swimming in Hawaii can really be a lot of fun! 

Skinny dipping in your pool backyard or swimming naked among other people can be awkward. Your neighbors might sneak a peak and be weirded out! Other people at the beach could either not care or be really offended. Either way, it's always best to be safe than sorry.

But finding a private boat tour to take you somewhere safe sounds perfect. And if you'd like to experience naked swim activities, but aren't convinced they're the fun way to go, keep reading. You'll find out about 5 entertaining reasons why going for an adult swim in Hawaii is fun.

Naked Swim Maui.png

1. Adult swimming in Hawaii makes you feel free

Adult swimming in Hawaii can be a very freeing experience worth sharing with either great friends or someone special.

Clothes can often be constrictive. But when your attire is optional, you can really be yourself!

Sharing this experience with people who are close to you can break all social boundaries and be a great fun experience for everyone. When you're able to see past the clothes that cover imperfections, you can definitely  experience what it feel like to be free.

2. When you swim naked, you don't get tan lines

No matter how small swimming attire is today, sunbathing in the nude is still the only way to avoid those nasty tan lines.

Let's face it. Tan lines are always a bummer. But sunbathing, isn't the only way to get a tan. The sun doesn't stop shining over you while swimming, so going for an adult swim in Hawaii is the best way you can get a beautiful, full body tan.

3. Adult swim in Hawaii is fun for both adults and seniors

Sports activities can be a lot of fun. But often times, with age comes trouble. Swimming, on the other hand, is actually a great way to stay in shape, regardless of your age!

And who say adults of all ages can't have fun in the nude? 

4. Nude swimming helps you forget about social indicators

As previously mentioned, clothes can be constrictive. And they're also often seen as judgmental social indicators. 

But when you go on an adult swim in Hawaii, you literally leave all of that behind. And although you know your clothes await, there's something special about swimming naked. You learn to appreciate the real you and you also learn to look at others and appreciate the real them. 

And besides, it's a total turn on!

5. Adult swim activities in Hawaii are fun

Last but not least, naked swimming is fun!

There are no words to describe the freedom of the feeling. If you want to feel like you've just been reborn, you simply must go for an adult swim in Hawaii! 

No boundaries, no clothes, no stress. The only advice that makes common sense is bring enough sunblock for you and your friends!


Officially there are no state-sanctioned or private beaches that allow nudity.

But don’t fret, that’s where our company comes into play as we are a resort charter boat company in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii that will satisfy your adult desire to go au natural on one of our private, charter boat vacations or tours.

boat7 (1).jpg



There are places in the world where nudism is an accepted practice, so finding that ideal location for the tourist in the U.S., or particularly the beautiful islands of Hawaii, isn’t easy- In fact it can be near impossible.

We’re correcting that by offering clothing-optional boat tours of the breathtaking scenery that Hawaii has in abundance. We leave mornings from Honokohau Harbor in Kona and explore the gorgeous and spectacular ocean waters surrounding the Big Island of Hawaii. 

You can reserve us for a private trip or jump-in and join a group charter.  We are licensed & insured for up to 6 passengers and you will enjoy the freedom of sunbathing in a safe hassle-free clothing-optional environment.

Unique private experiences can be custom designed to suit your personal taste: sunset couples trip, bachelor or bachelorette parties, nude whale watching, your ideas are welcomed................


Our Past & Our Future

Our Past & Our Future


Aloha!  After 30 years of of operating Big Game fishing charters in Kona, Hawaii, we have refocused our energies in a new direction by offering clothing-optional snorkeling tours.  I earned my USCG Captains license by running SCUBA trips off the beach at the exclusive Kona Village Resort (now defunct from the 2011 tsunami) in the late 1970's & recently re-discovered how much I enjoy the freedom of swimming/snorkeling in the nude. Mahalos for reading & E Komo Mai (please come join us) Aloha, Chuck December, 2016


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